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COACHPLANNER makes you a better coach.

As a coach you would much rather spend your time at the rink than at the desk. Your time would be much better spent teaching the game rather than dealing with mundane administration.

COACHPLANNER gives you quick access to many different drills and exercises that you can easily combine to create a complete practice program. The program helps you lay out strategies for every match throughout the entire season. Plan, design and print out the included drills or your own creations and take them with you to practice.

COACHPLANNER contains many suggestions for drills of all types, offensive as well as defensive, including power plays, checking and skating drills, technique and play exercises. Practice passing techniques, face offs and individual plays and combine offensive and defensive alternatives. Train the goalkeeper for movement plays, shooting and return plays. Your team will be in better condition with better balance and overall speed will increase. 

COACHPLANNER is systematic, creative and ultra-flexible. You call the shots. And it’s very easy to use. All of this adds up to you becoming a better coach.

COACHPLANNER consists of many different hockey drills compiled from all the leading hockey nations, and the data base is constantly being updated with new drills. In the near future the system will be expanded to cover football (soccer) and other team sports. Everything is created by coaches for coaches. 

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